About Parker Shi

Parker Shi is a seasoned technology strategist who assists clients around the world make technology truly matter. His background in computer science and corporate IT, as well as strategy and management consulting inform his business outcome-driven problem solving approach that is both strategic and transformative. Parker is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of technology-driven business transformation and applying technology to solve the toughest business problems. His hyper-curiosity enables him to offer real-world insights to his clients in addition to helping them understand and apply the latest business and technology advancements . 

Parker has worked across both corporate and consulting. He started his career as a project manager and technical architect for McDonald’s Corporation, responsible for supporting tens of thousands of McDonald’s restaurants’ point of sale systems. He then spent 20+ years working for three premier technology strategy firms, McKinsey, Accenture, and Diamond Management and Technology Consulting (later acquired by PwC), working with both major incumbents and technology start-ups to understand what management levers can be pulled to maximize the potential of technology applications. Having worked across a wide range of industries on technology strategy and transformation, he brings deep experience on how companies can better deploy technologies across the entire value chain and achieve quantifiable business outcomes. 

Parker is a keen observer of the pendulum swing between “Technology will change the world” and “Technology doesn’t matter” over the last 20 years. He has first-hand experience with the first Internet revolution where technology was supposed to change the world, the emerging markets of Asia and China where companies are deploying technology to leapfrog the competition and meet insatiable consumer demands for technology, and in the current wave of digital technology transformation. These experiences provide Parker’s unique perspective on why some companies can successfully deploy technology and why some companies struggle to make technology matter. 

Parker is currently working on authoring a book on technology transformation and is always interested in a challenge. Reach out to parker.shi@gmail.com to connect!

Technology Strategy questions
that I get asked often by CEOs

What are the gotchas of the latest technology buzzwords? How can we make technology matter more? What are the latest levers that companies pull to drive more impact out of technology investment? What mistakes have companies made in driving digital transformation?